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I will never forget going to my first dog show. I sat ring side and watched the Golden Retrievers "Goldens". I was in awe about dog shows and the quality of Golden Retrievers. I was hooked and knew I wanted a show quality Golden Retriever for my family. My first show dog was Sidney aka "Mr. Perfect." To me he was perfect in every way. Not only was he my first show dog, but he also taught me a lot about the world of dog shows. Skye was my second Golden, but she didn't care much for the show ring.

Hailey is the foundation of Crescent Golden Retrievers.
Hailey finished her Championship and had 3 wonderful litters.
crescent golden retrievers foundation bitch hailey

Many of her offspring are titled in conformation, agility, and obedience. She also produced several therapy dogs and most of all wonderful family companions. Hailey's kids, grandkids and now great-grand kids are following in her footsteps. Some of Hailey's offspring include: Chant, Rusty, Ruby and BB; her grandkids, Spicy and Sparks; and her great-grandkid Pumpkin.

The basis of my breeding program first and foremost is to breed for health, temperament and genetic soundness. I research pedigrees extensively. I want to know as much as possible about family history from as many dogs in the pedigree as possible. My puppies are raised in the house learning to be a member of the family. I introduce them to as many new sights and sounds possible. I spend a lot time of time with the puppies to get to know each one of them. The puppies go to their new homes at 8 weeks old with a copy their parents health history, reading material on house breaking, training etc., as well as information for your vet regarding worming and vaccine dates.